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Good Wireless Router For Home

good wireless router for home

Triple-Monitor Array - VGA Source

Triple-Monitor Array - VGA Source

Monitors are (3) matching 20" Dell 2001FP. They're older, but I'm not wild about "wide screen" monitors. This view is a 4800x1200 pixel desktop from my work laptop, using VGA inputs into the monitor. I switch source by using the source buttons on the front of the monitors. The DVI sources are for the Dell XPS desktop, and one of the S-Video is for the hidden Dell C840 laptop that's mounted inside the floor box (for emergencies only).

Mission control console created by hollowing out a Pottery Barn wall shelf, flipping it upside-down, and setting it on top of the wire-hiding floor box. I routed out a slot in the front, and there are 2 4-port USB hubs, along with a smoke-tinted plexiglass cover that hides the Motorola DOCSYS 3 modem, Linksys 802.11n wireless router, Microsoft wireless keyboard base, and Raritan 4-port USB KVM switch (though I use it primarily for the K+M). The lights really showed up better with my older modem and router - they were all bright green LEDs blinking - looked great at night.

Creative Labs GigaWorks T40 Series II speakers are mounted to the sides of the monitor array.

Mouse is Logitech MX-something wireless laser.

Keyboard is Microsoft Wireless 3000 keyboard.



For the hub to get home, and fix the damn wireless router. Grrrr...

I will catch up on your streams soon, I promise! I'm on our ancient desktop now, but can't take it. Hoping the router can be fixed tonight...keep your fingers crossed.

Another shot from yesterday, with Miss Pissy waiting for her treats. I'm looking into our mud room from the front porch area here.

We really need to clean those windows...

UPDATE: Hubs is the best!! Fixed it up right and good, woohoo. I was only starting to get the shakes. :-)

good wireless router for home

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