Cellular wireless laptop : Wireless g notebook adapter with speed booster.


Cellular wireless laptop : Wireless g notebook adapter with speed booster.

Cellular Wireless Laptop

cellular wireless laptop

Free WiFi in Hanoi - in 2003

Free WiFi in Hanoi - in 2003

I just had a beer in this lounge at the Horizon Hotel in Hanoi last week...but according to the EXIF data in this image, I took this picture back on June 8th, 2003, with my first digital camera. Since those days, WiFi access has been free in all major hotel lobbies in Vietnam.

This lobby was the first place that I even saw public WiFi in the world ... That same year I visited Atlanta and St. Louis, and although there were WiFi hotspots to be found, you had to have a cellular contract with Verizon or T-Mobile to access it ! I don`t mind paying, but I couldn't because I wasn`t a postpaid member of a cellular provider.

Hmmm, what has WiFi access for my laptop got to do with cellphone ownership? Maybe if I want to use my digital camera, I have to have a Blockbuster Video membership too!

Just another example of why wireless services in the US are so Third World ... they just want to get you signed up for yearly contracts, and trickle out services like 3G/4G only after the rest of the world has had them for years...at least now, there are free WiFi spots in McDonalds and other places, courtesy of ATT.

103 / 365 My Room.

103 / 365 My Room.

you can't see it here, but i'm actually under contruction, there's random paint splotches everywhere, haha.

okay so yeah blah, i picked out my book report book early this quarter, i'm a slow reader, and no procrastination! :P :D

so yeah i'm busy, lots of homework, i'll get used to it. i'm going to go to bed early tonight --gasp-- :O haha,

so goodnight :)

cellular wireless laptop

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